xiaomei BI design


  • schema service (readlonly)
    • scan a s pecified driver url to load a bunch of schemas
    • manually create a schema
    • query the schema types
    • guess the schema of some schemaless datastore
  • report service
    • a store system of widget
    • layout placeholder
  • analyse service
    • workflow view
    • schema view
    • publish servicei


a dataframe can be modeled as a sequence of transformations closure over an init raw dataframe

the sequence os ops can be lazily computed and any dataframe can be specified as a snapshot at a position

the data-content of the frame can only be generated by computed along the sequence, but the schema of the dataframe can be deduced

widget includes:

  • config:
    • schema-key (from schema service)
    • access-rule
    • parameters
    • query
  • front-end:
    • JS (data-access api)
    • CSS
    • resources


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